Winter is most certainly upon us, and students need to be dressed appropriately for this Canadian weather. Many students are coming to school unprepared (i.e., no jacket, no hat, no boots, no mitts/ gloves). Please make sure your child has all the necessary items before leaving for school. If you are in need of support to provide these items for your child we will gladly do our part to support your family. Our school is the grateful recipient of many community donations for students in need of winter items. Please let your child’s teacher know, or call the main office so we can help.

Outdoor recess policy

Our board has a very clear policy regarding Inclement Weather, and outdoor recess expectations for elementary students. If you child is at school, they will be going outside for recesses based on the information below. You can access the entire policy at Inclement Weather: APH 008. The most important highlights for you are listed below.

Cold Weather and Outdoor Breaks

When schools are open, special consideration must be given to the safety and well-being of students when they are outside at recess, lunch, or for other outdoor activities. The following temperatures (including wind chill) and actions should be followed during winter months:

  • When the temperature is between -15°C and -19°C: students may remain outside for no longer than 20 minutes at a time
  • When temperatures are colder than -19°C: students must remain inside

Temperatures and conditions vary across the Region. The following website shall be used to assess local conditions: (Note: we use the weather reading connected to the postal code of the school for point cast accuracy).

Principals may discuss shortening outdoor breaks and or keeping students inside with neighboring Catholic schools to ensure consistent application of these guidelines.

Thank you for your cooperation and support. Again, please let us know if we can help to support your family with any winter clothing needs you may have at this time.