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Welcome Back Jaguars!

We hope all our Jaguar families had a blessed Christmas and joyous New Year! We are excited to see what 2018 has in store for us at St. Joseph. Please see the following important reminders as we begin our new year.

Student Illness

It is the time of year when many students contract common colds, strep throat, and influenza. In order to prevent the spread of germs and illness we encourage proper and regular hand washing procedures as outlined by the Region of Waterloo Public Health Unit. We also adhere to their Guidelines for Prevention and Management of Infections Diseases in Schools document. It is imperative that parents/ guardians keep children home when they are not well. This includes all contagious infections, and severe coughs/ colds. If your child has experienced vomiting or diarrhea, they should not return to school until 24 hours have passed since their last episode. While this presents challenges for working families it is critical that sick children stay home. We will send children home if they report having vomited the night before as this is a Public Health guideline meant to keep all staff and students safe. We appreciate your cooperation with this expectation. All children will be expected to partake in regular school activities including phys ed class, and outdoor recess if they are at school.

Bus Delays & Inclement Weather Procedures

When the weather is bad in the morning, be sure to:

Listen to your local Waterloo Region radio station for cancellation information OR check the school board website

To access the complete board policy regarding Inclement Weather (including school closures, and transportation cancellations) please click on the link below:

  • Click on the Cancellations/ Delays button in the top right hand corner of the home page of our board website. This will bring you to a page with a link to Student Transportation and also a listing of local radio stations that will be giving out information.
  • Click on the link for further information about how to subscribe to email notification regarding Delays, Closures & Cancellations.
  • If you would like further information without signing up for email notification click on the Delays, Closures & Cancellations button. This is especially helpful if a bus is running late for pick up or drop off and a parent is wondering if they are affected.

Please do not call the school with questions about late buses. We do not have any information to provide you regarding transportation. We also subscribe to the notifications through Student Transportation.

If your child is not coming to school due to weather or transportation issues you are still required to report your child’s absence by calling the school in the morning. You can leave a message on the voicemail.

Late arrivals

Please do your best to get your children to school on time each morning. It is important to reduce the number of disruptions to classroom instructional time. We are also trying to instill strong work habits in children and arriving on time is critical to success in life. We appreciate your support with this request.

APH 008: Inclement Weather procedures

Below is a summary of important points regarding our school board policies related to Inclement Weather. Please reference this policy for detailed information regarding cancellations and early dismissals.

  • We will reference for accurate forecasts using PointCast location. You can also check this information from home. Simply type in the postal code for the school (N3H 1V2) and get localized information.
  • When the temperature (including windchill or “feels like”) is –14°C or warmer students will be outside for the entire duration of recess.
  • When the temperature (including windchill or “feels like”) is –15°C to—19°C students will be limited to 20 minutes of outdoor time.
  • When the temperature (including windchill or “feels like”) is –20°C or colder students will be kept indoors.
  • Students cannot arrive on school property prior to 8:40am as there is no supervision on the yard or in the building prior to this time. Students will not be allowed in to the building prior to 8:40am on extreme cold days.

It is critical that students be dressed appropriately for Canadian winter.

Please make sure your child has a hat, mitts/ gloves, snowpants, winter coat, boots. If you need assistance providing this for your child we are happy to help out. We have a number of items (new & gently used) that have been donated to our school to assist families in need.



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