Today marks the beginning of the 2018-19 school year, and we have had a #WCDSBAwesome day! Today, we welcomed over 20 new students from grades 1-8 to the St. Joseph community, and we anticipate there will be more new friends joining us in the days to come. We are truly blessed! Our focus on #BKind, #BAwesome, and #gomakeadifference started on day 1. The most rewarding comment from one of our new friends was, “I had an AWESOME day today!”

Please take the time to read our Welcome back letter 2018-19

Bus Notifications:

Please be sure to sign up for automatic email notifications regarding late buses. This service is provided through Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region The school/ school board have nothing to do with coordinating bus schedules. Please do not call the school to ask why your child’s bus has not arrived on time. We receive the same notification as you, and we have no way of contacting drivers.

NEW! Outdoor Classroom & Dogs

By now you have noticed our new fenced in area on the front yard. This area will be used before and after school by our Extended dDay program, and by our Kindergarten friends for drop off and pick up each day. During the school day, all classes will use this space as an outdoor learning centre. Continue to watch for exciting growth in this area.

Please note: this space is NOT to be used as a leash free dog area. Unfortunately, this has already happened, and we are cleaning up after pets.

Dogs are not welcome on our school yard at any time. We do have signs posted and staff will continue to remind families that dogs should not be in areas where children play. The City of Cambridge bylaws do apply at all times and provide clear wording around the following:

Running at large:

  • a dog shall be deemed to be running at large when found in any place other than the premises of the owner and not under the control of any person.


  • means a lead or tether no longer than 2.4 meters (8 feet) or, in the case of a potentially dangerous dog, a dangerous dog, or a restricted dog no longer than 0.9 meters (3 feet);

Prohibition Against Trespassing:

  • No owner of a dog shall permit the dog to trespass upon any private property. The WCDSB does not allow dogs on our school yards.

Removal and Disposal of Excrement:

  • Every owner of a dog shall immediately remove and dispose of any excrement left by the dog on any property in the City other than the owner’s property.

Please see the entire BY-LAW NO. 172-13 City of Cambridge should you require any further clarification.

Reminder of Important dates

Please refer to our School Google calendar for up to date information. A paper copy of a calendar is not very practical today given the number of changes that occur in a school setting. Our calendar is accessible 24/7 and is updated on a daily basis as required. You can also connect this calendar to your personal device or computer.

Picking up students at the end of the day

All students should be picked up outside at the end of the day. Please do not call the school five minutes before dismissal and request alternate arrangements for the same day. The beginning and end of the day are very hectic times to say the least. As a staff, we take your child’s safety very seriously and last minute changes cause major disruptions to classroom routines which can lead to human error. Please make every effort to inform the classroom teacher in writing of changes on a day to day basis. There is no guarantee that a phone call to the office can be relayed to the classroom at the end of the day (we receive MANY calls with this request!). Your cooperation and understanding is greatly appreciated. We will continue to do our best to provide a safe end of day dismissal for all our students.