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St. Joseph: Term 2 Safe Schools Reminders

Safe Schools

As part of our Safe Schools protocol, all elementary schools in the Waterloo Catholic District School Board have a security system installed on our front doors. This means that all the doors to the school will be locked. All visitors to the school should enter through the front doors of the school. You will need to be buzzed in by a staff member. It is very important that once buzzed into the school, all visitors report directly to the Main Office. Once you have signed in with Mrs. Bloomfield, you will receive a visitor badge. This will save you the inconvenience of being approached by school staff to identify yourself. Over the course of the next few weeks and months the staff and students will be practising a number of safety procedures including lock down and inclement weather drills. We thank you for your help in supporting the safety of our students and staff at St. Joseph. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mrs. Reesor.

Late Students & Safe Arrivals protocol

All students should be on the school property no later than 9:05am. The St. Joseph entry bell rings at 9:10am. Students are expected to enter the school with their classmates through the door assigned by their classroom teacher. If a student enters through the front doors after 9:10 am, s/he is considered late. These students will sign in with Mrs. Bloomfield and bring a late slip to class. Due to our Safe Schools protocol, students will not be allowed to enter the building via any door other than the front door after 9:10am. If your child is going to be late or absent, please call the school BEFORE 9:00am. If a student is reported absent by the classroom teacher, a call will be placed to each contact person for that child. If a child still cannot be located after attempting to reach parent/ guardian contacts, and the emergency contact, the police will be notified.

Please note:

It is the responsibility of the parent/ guardian to notify the school. Please respect this important Safe Schools protocol. Your child’s safety matters to us.



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