Rowan’s Story

In 2013 Rowan Stringer, a 17 year old high school student from Ottawa, lost her life to Second Impact Syndrome; a brain injury caused by suffering a concussion before fully recovering from a previous concussion. In March 2018, the Ontario Government passed Rowan’s Law. As part of Rowan’s law, was the proclamation of Rowan’s Day to occur on the last Wednesday of September each year, with this year occurring on September 26, 2018. The goal for Rowan’s day is to;

  • Educate staff and students about Rowan and her story
  • Share key messages and education about concussions
  • Create dialogue about concussions
  • Share resources about concussions and concussion prevention

Today, age appropriate resources were provided for teachers to take 20-25 minutes of their day in the classroom to share and discuss some key messages on how we can all help to recognize and prevent concussions in the future.

Each student at St. Joseph was provided with important handouts for parents/ guardians to learn more about the signs and symptoms of concussions. Please keep these resources so you can refer to them as necessary. They will also be posted on our School website for you to access as needed.



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