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Parent Engagement session at St. Joseph

We are hoping you will join us for an informative and interactive parent engagement session at St. Joseph on Monday May 14th. Supporting Student Well-Being in the Classroom

If you are able to join us, you will be provided with:

  • a light dinner (sandwiches, veggies, dessert, drinks)
  • parent resources to use at home
  • transportation for any parent/ guardian who requests it (please contact Mrs. Bloomfield by 3:00pm on Monday May 14th to make arrangements)

Topics discussed include:

Restorative Justice in Education

  • a process that seeks to repair harm caused to an individual (s)
  • respects the dignity of all individuals involved in a conflict while trying to rebuild relationships
  • seeks to build community in a proactive manner
  • respects that, as educators, our primary purpose is to teach children to do the right thing, and this is a process that takes time and repetition
  • professional development is being provided to staff at St. Joseph to support this work
  • parent involvement and engagement in this work is critical

Emotional Literacy

  • research shows that adolescents in crisis often say they don’t know how they are feeling
  • adults often feel this is avoidance, but truthfully they aren’t able to label their emotions accurately
  • it is important to teach all children how to access the vocabulary required to label their emotions
  • at St. Joseph, we are in Year 2 of a board supported project to build Emotional Literacy skills in our Primary students
  • this work is supported by our integration of Restorative Justice practices; we recognize that many children today do not possess the language skills required to accurately read social situations and/or respond appropriately

Healthy Schools

  • St. Joseph students have been actively involved in Healthy Schools work for the past two years
  • student leaders will speak to their work of increasing the amount of time (and variety) of daily physical activities for all students at St. Joseph
  • providing a wide array of outdoor activities for students to be physically active while at school
  • student leaders will speak to the importance of building positive, inclusive opportunities for all students at our school as this builds self-esteem, relationships, and community

Student Voice

  • Student leaders will share experiences where their voices have been solicited and heard in order to improve the learning environment for students at St. Joseph
  • examples include: healthy schools surveys, resiliency surveys, Bell Let’s Talk campaign, restorative justice circles, Speak Up grants, etc.

Many people have been involved in the work leading up to this Parent Engagement evening, and they will continue to support the work in the months ahead. Your involvement as parents/ guardians is important to the continued success of student well being in the classrooms at St. Joseph. We would love to have you join us for this engagement evening on Monday May 14th. Please RSVP with Mrs. Bloomfield if you are able to join us.

Supporting Student Well-Being in the Classroom

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