It has been brought to our attention that neighbours in our school community are becoming frustrated with the ever increasing infringements on their personal property at pick up and drop off times. We would ask that all St. Joseph members, students and adults alike, please be respectful community citizens.

Today, it was reported that “one of the parents backed in to a driveway, smashed the blue box, and left the garbage strewn all over the place.” This neighbour required assistance from another community member to clean up the mess. Finally, neighbours are reporting that this is not an isolated incident. Garbage is frequently thrown on to people’s property at both the beginning and the end of the day. Needless to say, it is so disheartening to receive these complaints from our community neighbours.

Please keep in mind that private property is just that: private. You should not be pulling into someone’s driveway to turn around as all of the streets have multiple access points (i.e., there are no dead end streets around the school). Please drive around the block to exit the street. At no time should members of the St. Joseph community be walking on the lawn/ driveway of our neighbours. Finally, please do not block driveways, or fire hydrants while you wait to drop off or pick up your child from school. Please note: the City of Cambridge parking bylaw requires you to park a minimum of 1m from a driveway, and 3m from a fire hydrant.

We can all do better to make St. Joseph a safe, respectful, and neighbourly community. Let’s all do our part to improve our community relations. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!