Dear Families,

The week of November 18-24 is Manners Matter Awareness Week

Imagine a School Where…Manners Matter

The WCDSB theme for the week is…

A Community that Builds Relationships

We will have special Morning Prayers/Reflections that will focus on the theme…We Belong.

We have an exciting week of activities planned which you can keep informed about by following us on Twitter.

The week will include the following……

  • Book Walk: One Drop of Kindness –Kindness…for some, it comes so easy, but for others, it can be a struggle. The answer often lies in a person’s story. Meet Gus, a one-time orphan who goes through life thinking that hurtful words and actions are the only way to behave and communicate with others. Interestingly, Gus lives in a town that holds a mysterious secret which finally gets unlocked by something that was hidden away. By unlocking this secret, you too can join the ripple effect of kindness that Gus, along with his school and town, is experiencing with the rest of the world! This book, along with each of you, will change our world as we know it. It only takes One Drop of Kindness to fill a heart with love.
  • Creative Spaces: Throughout the school dedicated to Manners Matter.
  • Graffiti wall: St. Joseph is a great place to learn and grow because……
  • Assemblies: We have 3 presenters this week at various times;
    Denise Lowe, Scott Boyd and Cory Deaner.
  • Rangers Game: We also have 40 parents and students representing St. Joseph at the Kitchener Rangers Game on Tuesday night. We had more than 40 families who indicated they were interested. A random draw took place. Only those who were drawn were contacted. Should be a fun night!
  • First Sacraments Meeting at St. Clements Parish: 7PM. All families for students receiving their first sacraments should be in attendance.

Looking forward to a great week!