Welcome back to all our Jaguar families. We hope you had a restful Christmas break with family and friends. We are already back into the swing of things and students are re-adjusting to school routines. As we begin the 2019 year, we would like to highlight a few changes and make a few important reminders.

Student Transportation Services


STSWR has moved and our phone number has changed. You can reach us at 519-744-7575 

We are now located at: 602-540 Bingemans Centre Dr. Kitchener, ON, N2B 3X9

Website remains the same: www.stswr.ca

Please make sure you read the Inclement Weather information on the Student Transportation Services website. This is where all busing information can be found. The school does not make decisions about transportation and does not have up to date information for parents/ guardians. We subscribe to this same notification service.

KW Titans Basketball Game: School Day

All students from grade 5-8 will be attending the KW Titans Basketball game on Tuesday January 15th. Permission forms went home with all students before the Christmas break. Please make sure you complete and send in the permission form by Friday January 11th. Payment can be made using School Cash Online or you can send cash in to the teacher.

Consent for Use of Personal Devices at School

Please note that you are required to sign a consent form if your child brings a personal electronic device to school. This includes laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, cell phones, etc. Teachers have been provided forms for each student from grade 4-8. These forms must be completed and returned if your child will be using a personal device at any time throughout the school year during the school day. If your child is in a younger grade simply ask the teacher to send a form home and return it signed.

Please click on the APS017: Responsible Use of Information Technology & Electronic Data to read the entire board policy on the use of personal electronics at school.

Lates & Absences

We would like to remind all families that our instructional day begins at 9:10am and ends at 3:40pm. Many students continue to arrive late and this impacts the learning environment for all students.  We kindly request that a greater commitment to arriving on time become a priority for all our students. We are trying to instill effective learning skills and work habits in all our students. Punctuality is critical to success in life and developing this important skill at a young age is something we value for all our students.

Also, we are experiencing a number of interruptions throughout the day which again negatively impacts the learning environment for all students. If you need to sign your child out during the instructional day please write a note in your child’s agenda to notify the teacher. This “heads up” notification at the beginning of the day reduces the amount of interruption in the instructional time of the classroom. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Reminder: Safe Arrivals Protocol

Students are expected to enter the school with their classmates through the door assigned by their classroom teacher. If a student enters through the front doors after 9:10 am, s/he is considered late. These students will sign in with Mrs. Bloomfield and bring a late slip to class. Due to our Safe Schools protocol, students will not be allowed to enter the building via any door other than the front door after 9:10am. If your child is going to be late or absent, please call the school BEFORE 9:00am. If a student is reported absent by the classroom teacher, a call will be placed to each contact person for that child. If a child still cannot be located after attempting to reach parent/ guardian contacts, and the emergency contact, the police will be notified.

This also applies to students who go home for lunch. Students should be entering the building at 12:55pm with their classmates. If they are not returning from lunch, a parent/ guardian must call the school to notify us of the absence.

School Council Meeting

Our next School Council meeting will take place in the Learning Commons on Tuesday January 15th from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. All are welcome to attend.