Dear Families of St. Joseph,

Only 4 DAYS LEFT in our #WEscareHunger Campaign to raise awareness and support our Local Food Banks. All classes have been doing a great job bringing in donated items. The race is on to see which class will win a PIZZA PARTY!!

Halloween is this Thursday. It is going to be a great day at St. Joseph. I know many teachers are planning Halloween activities for their classes and we have our HALLOWEEN DANCE for all students in the afternoon. At the dance, our Nutrition for Learning student volunteers will be running a little tuck shop. Students will be able to purchase bottles of water (with glow in the dark labels!), glow sticks and popcorn.  All items are $1 each OR you can get a combo (water, glow stick, and popcorn) for $2. All proceeds support the Nutrition for Learning Program here at St. Joseph.

We also have a few reminders/recommendations for the day so that we respect the well-being of all our students and families.


We ask that you take the following into consideration when selecting an appropriate costume for your child, or when guiding older children about what is appropriate to wear in school:

  • Under no circumstances should there be any scary clowns or similar scary costumes which would be distressing for younger students.
  • Please do not send any “weapon” accessories. These are strictly forbidden on school premises.
  • Please avoid cultural appropriation i.e. dressing in the costume of a different cultural group.
  • No “sexy” costumes, please. This is inappropriate in a Catholic school setting.
  • Capes, Tails and Masks will be allowed during the Dance and any classroom Halloween activities as determined by the classroom teacher BUT FOR SAFETY REASONS, during instructional time and at all recesses, faces should be uncovered and if possible, long capes or “tails” be removed since they could be tripping hazards.
  • Students also have the option of dressing in orange and black if they do not wish to wear their Halloween costume to school.

Halloween Treats
If you are planning on having your child share treats with classmates, we would encourage you to consider sending in non-food related treats like Halloween pencils, erasers, stickers, etc. If you are sending in consumable treats, please consider the following restrictions:

  • No treats will be consumed at school. All treats will be bagged and sent home with students so every parent can determine if the treats are appropriate for their child.
  • All treats need to be packaged in some fashion. No treats from open containers (i.e. plastic container with homemade baked goods) will be sent home with children. They will be returned to the sender.

Looking forward to a fun-filled Halloween here at school!

Thank you for your continued support.

St. Joseph Staff